Leverage data. Optimize performance.

Think strategically. Act tactically.

Drive revenue. Control costs.

Business intelligence for your financial institution.

Business intelligence for your financial institution.

What We Do

Business Intelligence Platform CustomerLab®

How do I grow my existing branches?

Customer Engagement NextProductLab®

How do I deepen customer relationships?

New Market Exploration MarketLab®

What are my branching priorities?

Site Selection LocationLab®

Where should I site my new branch location?

Branch Projections BranchLab®

What are my new branch performance expectations?
What is the financial impact of the branching decision?

Strategic Planning PlanningLab®

What are my business priorities, operating actions and expected financial results?

Market Intelligence Ecosystem RevMarketing®

How can I improve my marketing effectiveness and ROI?

Staffing Intelligence StaffingLab®

How should I staff my branches and departments?

Brand Assessment PerceptionLab®

How is my brand perceived as compared to my competition?

Employee Engagement EmployeeCultureLab™

How can I improve employee satisfaction?

Product Profitability ProfitLab®

What products, customers and markets are driving my profit?

How We Do It

The Long Group’s proprietary consumer and business intelligence database offers insight regarding product ownership, financial journey, purchase intent and channel utilization forming the basis of The Long Group’s trademarked, predictive analytics platform.